BackCycler by Rowland Hazard, MD

Rowland Hazard, MD has come up with an eighth wonder for the world: the BackCycler. Dr. Hazard, who has spent his entire career working with back patients, realized that the hardest thing for many patients was sitting for long stretches of time – mostly at work or in the car. Sitting has been proven to have extremely detrimental effects on the back’s general wellbeing, which has motivated the movement of standing desks and exercise balls as seats in office environments. In the car, however, it’s not like you can get up and stretch out when you need to – you can hardly shift your position when you’re trying to steer at 70mph.

The BackCycler is a cushion that inflates and deflates behind you, constantly altering the flex and extension of your spine, reducing muscle and ligament strain. It essentially simulates taking frequent and regular rest stops to stretch – but you still get where you’re going without a minute lost. You can plug it right into your lighter socket in the car, or position it in chairs and recliners at home.

Here's more information about the product itself, and here's some reading about how the mechanisms interact and treat the back.