An Encouraging Note from a Reader

I get many letters each week from readers, typically sent through my website.  I don't post them, because I consider them confidential. However, the author of this one -- she isn't on FB -- asked me to post it, so others might be helped.  If you'd like to let others in on your experience and your thoughts, let me know. 


Name: Holly G.

Subject: Your book saved my life!

Message: Dearest Cathryn,
I was recommended your book the same week I had scheduled a 3 level fusion surgery for my neck. After the second episode in 4 yrs. of debilitating pain in my neck that included sciatica down my arm and hand, I felt hopeless. I was Out of work for 5 months, in unbelievable pain, and had already tried an epidural in my neck with no improvement. I didn't even want to try to epidural but I was side-railed into it by both my PCP and the spine specialist I was seeing. I had an allergic reaction from it, most likely the dye. Meanwhile I was not functioning much at all, and my employer needed me back to work. So I thought the surgery was the answer, but in my gut it didn't feel right and I was panicking.

Of course, I started in the second half of the book like most sufferers I imagine.
It changed everything. My suspicions were confirmed, and my doubts doubled, so I put off the surgery. Best decision ever. I already a great DPT who helped me maintain some level of strength. At the worst point, I couldn't even hold a coffee cup in my left hand. I also had a wonderful LMT who was integral in helping me recover, but I still wasn't functioning at even 50% of my normal. Your book encouraged me to keep seeking. I found a local Feldenkrais person and an Alexander Technique person. These 2 practices have made tremendous impact on my ability to function. These seem to be my missing pieces in recovering, and I love that Alexander will help me prevent future episodes by making personal modifications.

I truly cannot thank you enough. I have recommended your book to everyone I know who has a spine issue. My friends husband was also able to avoid surgery on his back after reading your book and seeking alternatives. My friend who recommended the book also declined the surgery her doctors told her she needed. So just in my little corner of Buffalo, NY, 3 of us have been "saved" through reading your book.
I can't find the words to tell you just what this means to me. I happened to see a woman in a neck collar last weekend, and I welled up with emotion thinking that that was almost me. 

May you be doubly blessed throughout your life for sharing your work with the world by offering such an eye opening, game changing, incredibly well researched book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Best wishes,
Holly G.
Buffalo, NY