Getting The Story | CROOKED

As an investigative reporter, I’ve always preferred to do my interviewing in person. This can be exhausting, but the rewards are great. For the better part of four years, I traveled the globe, interviewing the foremost experts in many fields. I saw conventional medical practitioners, of course – spine surgeons, rheumatologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists and primary care doctors – but I also spent hours with exercise physiologists, physical therapists, Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique instructors, yogis and Rolfing Structural Integration practitioners. I stood on hard linoleum floors in hospital ORs, observing various surgical procedures. I met with acupuncturists in South Korea, neuroreflexology experts in Spain; back whisperers in Switzerland and Ayurvedic practitioners in South India. I also spent hundreds of hours talking with patients about their own experiences and solutions.  Along the way, I pulled on my gym clothes and tested interventions that had reliably brought relief to many people, so that I could offer a firsthand report.