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Every day I hear from people who tell me they need to have my book in their hands right now. I assure them that I’m working as fast as I can (and believe me, I really am). But because I know they’re uncomfortable, and that they can’t be expected to wait until I have every word the way I want it, I try to help them find practitioners who can show them a safe way to recovery.

This resource section is meant to facilitate that process. Everyone should be able to have access to help. During my years of research for this book, I’ve been fortunate to meet remarkable practitioners and experts who have taught me about rehabilitation and exercise options that really work. Many of them are featured here. I’ve also included products and equipment that I’ve found useful and practical. In the mix, you’ll encounter articles that are important reading for anyone who wants to understand the reality of the back pain industry, and how it fits into the larger picture of health care.

As a person who has battled chronic back pain, I know it isn’t easy to find truly useful help. There are a million ways to go astray, and some days, before I figured out which end was up, it felt like I’d tried every one of them. This is my attempt to help others avoid the many detours I took during my own journey.

There’s an overwhelming amount of data in this section, so instead of tossing it all into one bucket and leaving you to forage, I’ve developed a robust search function.  You’ll find it in the right-hand column.

Here's how to get the most out of these pages:

It may be most convenient to start your search by checking out the offerings in your home state –for instance, Pennsylvania. But please don’t stop there: Searching by subject – say, rehabilitation or ergonomic equipment or Feldenkrais – will turn up some gems. When your back hurts, there’s always the temptation to “stay local,” but there are renowned therapeutic programs that serve people from all over the country and the world – search the Spine Center at NEBH or Physicians Neck and Back Clinic, for example. If you, or a colleague, or a loved one suffers from chronic back pain, you deserve to know about them.

Most of all, remember that this section is meant to be a living thing. New items are added weekly, so be sure to check back often. I’m committed to making it the most useful, trustworthy and updated resource available.  (FYI: Unlike most back pain websites, there are no advertising dollars at play here: No resource paid to appear on these pages, and none ever will.)

I welcome your contributions to this section.  I know you’re out there, searching for solutions. Please be sure to let me in on what you’ve tried, what you like, and what struck you as a waste of time and money. (Even if it’s one of my favorites!) Tell me about your best “find,” or your mom’s yoga program – I want to learn from you!

To make it easy, on every page of the resource section there’s a button in the bottom right-hand column. Click it to submit a suggested resource of your own.  If you send me an item that I decide to post, I’ll return the favor with a signed, complimentary copy of the book, as soon as it is published. So be sure I have your snail mail address!

Please let me know what you think. And don’t forget: You can beat the back pain industry at its own game.

Need more help?

I receive many requests for personal consulting, and I understand that when you're in pain, you don't necessarily have the mental bandwidth to go through the resources listed here. I suggest that you do so -- it's free, after all. But if you still want to get on phone with me, I ask that you purchase three copies of the book prior to publication, at a total cost of $75. You will get signed first editions as soon as the book is published -- and I'm sure you have friends who would be delighted to receive the extra ones. You may use this PayPal widget to arrange payment. Don't forget to send me an email to set up a time for our conversation. And remember -- I'm an investigative journalist, and NOT a physician or any other kind of licensed health care practitioner.