Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an all-purpose postural approach that aims to help you lose the undesirable or uncomfortable physical habits you have developed in your life. It’s most appropriate for strain or injury, back and neck stiffness, discomfort in sitting and other physical positions, and particularly for professionals in physically-based activities: musicians, athletes, and dancers very often turn to the Alexander Technique to help them perform optimally.

This website explains the method, offers different applications of the method depending on your condition, provides research and endorsement information, and hosts a huge number of links to different practitioners and courses available worldwide. There is also a site specifically dedicated to the Alexander Technique International, which also offers information on a number of books and audiobooks, periodicals, and dissertations on the technique. Search by country or for specific practitioners here.

The following is a two-part video created by the British Medical Journal about the Alexander Technique: