Attune NYC

New York

Purely by coincidence, I walked by a doorway in Manhattan and noticed a small sign and a brochure for Attune Holistic Fitness. I’m normally wary of anything labeled “holistic,” a term that doesn’t mean anything in particular, but after a trip up a long flight of stairs, I knew I’d found a gem.

Eva Pelegrin’s sparkling and friendly facility is perfect for rehabilitating a back pain patient – assuming you can make it up those stairs. (She assures me that she has 80-year-old patients flying up them.)  I worked out with Pelegrin herself, and I can tell you that she really knows her stuff.  She began her career in advertising, but after years of bi-weekly business trips to Europe, she left to become a functional movement specialist. In 2005, she started Attune, determined to focus on all aspects of a client’s health and wellbeing. Attune has other well-trained exercise specialists,  bodywork practitioners and acupuncturists on staff as well.