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Luggage Rack

I used to struggle with my luggage.  I could almost guarantee that I would leave for a trip in pain, because packing is the flexion-inducing activity of all time.  I used to plop the suitcase on the bed, and approach it in the only way I could, with straight knees and a stooped spine.  After talking to Stuart McGill, who helped me realize that an overabundance of flexion was my enemy, I searched the SkyMall catalogue, stuffed with items for people with bad backs, for an item I was certain had to exist — a significantly taller luggage rack. There was no such thing.  I expanded my search to the Internet and learned that although there were hundreds of styles, not one of them stood more than 23 inches tall — at about the height of my knees. If I wanted such a rack, it would be up to me to create it. It would be simple to build, but I was short of time, so I located John Hession, the proprietor of Exotic Savannah Woodworks, who agreed to make such a rack for me, to my specifications, for less than $100. For several days, I considered the best height for my 5’ 10” frame. At some point, would excessive height make it unstable?  I chose 32 inches, which I estimated to be hip high.  When it arrived, it was perfect — glossy white with black straps.  I unfolded it, placed my Rimowa roll aboard on top, and started packing, with queenly bearing.  The next morning, as I left for the airport, something was different.  Nothing hurt.