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Welcome to Crooked’s resource section. During my years of research for this book, I’ve been fortunate to meet remarkable practitioners and experts who have taught me about rehabilitation and exercise options that really work. Many of them are featured here. I’ve also included products and equipment that I’ve found useful and practical. In the mix, you’ll encounter articles that are important reading for anyone who wants to understand the reality of the back pain industry, and how it fits into the larger picture of health care.

As a person who has battled chronic back pain, I know it isn’t easy to find truly useful help. There are a million ways to go astray, and some days, before I figured out which end was up, it felt like I’d tried every one of them. This is my attempt to help others avoid the many detours I took during my own journey.

(FYI: Unlike most back pain websites, there are no advertising dollars at play here: No resource paid to appear on these pages, and none ever will.)

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