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Karin Wagner, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Portland, Oregon

Karin says:

“I first tried Rolfing when I graduated from college, hoping that it would help with the back pain I'd had since high school. It turned out that improving my posture through Rolfing was the key.

The 10-session series resolved the chronic back pain, and it also dramatically improved my athletic ability. When I began practicing yoga, the movements felt easy and strong because my joints were better positioned and my movement was more coordinated. I trained to run a 5K without much discomfort, learned to ski as an adult, and got my blackbelt in Aikido. I tried each of those activities prior to receiving Rolfing, and felt a huge change after my Rolfing series. Rolfing helped me access my natural ability to move. 

Now I've been a Rolfer for 15 years, and I love doing this work. Sometimes it is like following clues to unlock a puzzle, so we work together to solve the mystery.”

Rolf Institute of Structural Integration


The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration is the official institution of the postural approach called “Rolfing,” developed by Ida P. Rolf. Rolf founded the institute in 1971, and it is located in Boulder, CO. Its website offers information on Rolfing as well as a comprehensive catalogue of certified Rolfers through a search function, if you can’t attend classes at the Institute itself in Colorado. (Note: there are more Rolfers than will appear on the RSI site, however; the site displays practitioners who have paid to be advertised there.)