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Karin Wagner, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Portland, Oregon

Karin says:

“I first tried Rolfing when I graduated from college, hoping that it would help with the back pain I'd had since high school. It turned out that improving my posture through Rolfing was the key.

The 10-session series resolved the chronic back pain, and it also dramatically improved my athletic ability. When I began practicing yoga, the movements felt easy and strong because my joints were better positioned and my movement was more coordinated. I trained to run a 5K without much discomfort, learned to ski as an adult, and got my blackbelt in Aikido. I tried each of those activities prior to receiving Rolfing, and felt a huge change after my Rolfing series. Rolfing helped me access my natural ability to move. 

Now I've been a Rolfer for 15 years, and I love doing this work. Sometimes it is like following clues to unlock a puzzle, so we work together to solve the mystery.”

The Egoscue Method

New York, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee

When trapped in chronic pain, it can seem like you’ll never feel better and be able to live the life you want—especially if you’ve tried other therapies and drug-based treatments that only worked temporarily or not at all.

To feel better, you need to focus on the source of your pain.

While most chronic pain treatment methods only address symptoms or try to deaden or mask pain, Egoscue corrects the postural issues that are at the root of your ongoing discomfort. Thousands of people just like you have ditched the pills, found an alternative to surgery, and finally feel better for good.

Welcome to The Egoscue Method.

Dr. Marc Heller, SOSAS


For more than 30 years, Dr. Marc Heller has studied and treated the spine with a manual practitioner’s perspective. He has a special interest in back pain. In his writing and teaching, he focuses on the interplay between joint hypermobility and joint restriction. He emphasizes and uses low-force mobilization methods including muscle energy, counterstrain, and other lower force techniques.

Dr. Heller also uses many soft-tissue approaches including Graston Technique and Stecco’s Fascial Manipulation, as well as various myofascial release methods. He has studied and incorporated international rehabilitation principles including the work of Dr. Vladimir Janda and Dr. Craig Liebenson, as well as physical therapists Mark Comerford and Mark Bookhout, into his practice.

His passion is synthesis, bringing a broad understanding of what is the essential message within different manual and rehab techniques. He is dedicated to continuous learning, from classes, from reading, from paying attention to difficult cases in practice. He teaches seminars throughout the U.S. regarding back pain, how to assess it and how to treat the common patterns that cause pain. He also has written on a variety of topics emphasizing low-force manipulation, rehabilitation, and soft-tissue methods.

Dr. Heller is a 1979 cum laude graduate of National College of Chiropractic, (NUHS). He has a private practice in Ashland, Oregon.

For more information, contact Dr. Heller at or visit his practice's Web site for resources or read his bio here.

Southern Oregon Sports & Spine

Mind Body Syndrome & Tension Myositis Syndrome

Here’s a good list of doctors who treat Mind Body Syndrome (MBS) and Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) across the country. The work they do is similar to the psychophysiological approach of Dr. David Schechter, another doctor featured in this resource section, and the acclaimed Dr. John Sarno, who developed the approach.

OHSU Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Clinic


The Oregon Health & Science University in Beaverton, OR (essentially Portland) developed this Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Clinic at Cornell West to address sports medicine, spine care, joint care (along with knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and hand care), pediatric care, X-ray and imaging, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. The clinic has thirteen primary providers, each with their specialty, but almost all have rehabilitation as an area of expertise.