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NOI Group: A treasure trove — global listings of OCS specialists

Once in a while, I stumble across a treasure trove of expertise.  The NOI Group mostly provides training and seminars to physical therapists, but with a little sleuthing,  this listing will help you find a top-notch practitioner in your corner of the world.  Use Google to do the rest.


Core Strength Studios

Bristol, United Kingdom

If you live in or are traveling to the Bristol region, check out Core Strength Studios, where you will find back pain experts who specialize in core strengthening, sports massage, and injury rehabilitation. The studio is equipped with the latest exercise equipment, including a MedX lumbar extension machine, Gravity GTS machine, stability balls and BOSU, cardiovascular equipment, and free weights. After freedom from lower back pain, one patient’s only regret was that she didn’t see them sooner.

Mind Body Syndrome & Tension Myositis Syndrome

Here’s a good list of doctors who treat Mind Body Syndrome (MBS) and Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) across the country. The work they do is similar to the psychophysiological approach of Dr. David Schechter, another doctor featured in this resource section, and the acclaimed Dr. John Sarno, who developed the approach.

RealHealth Institute, UK

East Midlands, United Kingdom

If the location makes sense for you, consider the RealHealth Institute, located in the East Midlands of the UK, with locations soon to come in London. The institute offers non-surgical treatment options, with an intensive treatment program for the treatment of persistent pain as well as a functional restoration program geared toward recovery from a more specific injury.