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Physicians Neck and Back Center


Physicians Neck & Back Clinic is Brian Nelson, MD’s brainchild, with a base in Minneapolis and numerous satellite clinics. Dr. Nelson put down his scalpel when he realized he wasn’t getting good results from spine surgery and substituted a rigorous, multi-week, spine-focused exercise program.

To learn more about PNBC's Core Spinal Fitness Program  - this is a gym you can join to maintain the gains from their rehab program - click here.

NOI Group: A treasure trove — global listings of OCS specialists

Once in a while, I stumble across a treasure trove of expertise.  The NOI Group mostly provides training and seminars to physical therapists, but with a little sleuthing,  this listing will help you find a top-notch practitioner in your corner of the world.  Use Google to do the rest.


Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota


“For more than 40 years, Mayo Clinic’s Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota has helped people with chronic pain return to an active lifestyle. Mayo Clinic’s pain rehabilitation program was one of the first in the world.” Learn more about the center here.

There are several programs offered at the Pain Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota, including the three-week program designed to teach “pain management skills and techniques for physical reconditioning” for adults with chronic pain. Learn more about the three-week program here.

Mind Body Syndrome & Tension Myositis Syndrome

Here’s a good list of doctors who treat Mind Body Syndrome (MBS) and Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) across the country. The work they do is similar to the psychophysiological approach of Dr. David Schechter, another doctor featured in this resource section, and the acclaimed Dr. John Sarno, who developed the approach.

Mayo Clinic – Pain Rehabilitation Center

Arizona, Florida, Minnesota

The renowned Mayo Clinic – with locations in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota – has a Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC) in Rochester, Minnesota. Three types of outpatient programs aim to restore patients with chronic pain to an active lifestyle: two are designed for adults, a three-week and a two-day program; and the third is a pediatric program for patients between the ages of 13 to young adulthood. The programs involve behavioral therapy, and guide patients toward a medication-free lifestyle.

New England Baptist Hospital – Spine Center

Massachusetts, Minnesota

The Spine Center at NEBH specializes in evaluation, treatment and management of spine disorders. Dr. James Rainville leads an internationally-recognized exercise-based “boot camp” program. 

Here’s a midwestern program based on James Rainville’s protocol.

Read an article featuring Carol Hartigan from the New England Baptist Hospital about hitting the weights.