Clearmind Posture Meditation Cushion

The Clearmind Posture Cushion has a unique design making it the perfect cushion for meditation. A base of firm upholstery foam provides stability and shape (for good posture) while a top layer of memory foam provides unparalleled comfort while sitting. The Clearmind Posture Cushion is perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike but is also suitable for anyone who wants to improve their posture. 

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Tuck Sleep Foundation

The team at Tuck Sleep Foundation has created an informative guide to help combat the negative impact of back pain on sleep health.

Their guide features illustrative information on the types of back pain, causes of back pain, expertly curated resources and research available online, information on sleep surface construction that can help alleviate pain.

Check out the guide here:


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Preventing Back Pain in Golfers

Golf teacher Jordan Fuller shares his tips on preventing back pain or injury. 

To contact Jordan Fuller, email or find him on Facebook.

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