QI Spine Clinic

QI Spine Clinic is a team of medical professionals dedicated to diagnosing and treating severe, chronic or acute back and spine conditions using non-surgical methods.

For over seven years they have extensively researched back pain and, as a result, have developed a specialised approach that lets them accurately diagnose back pain. This has allowed them to treat severe spinal conditions effectively for over 20,000 patients without drugs or surgery.




Amanda Harris specializes in working with people who have chronic low back pain for any number of reasons, including disc herniation, spinal stenosis and various spinal surgeries. In addition, she has extensive experience working with those who have undergone total knee, hip or shoulder replacement.

Amanda has over 15 years of experience in post-rehabilitative and medical exercise and is passionate about helping people return to the activities they enjoy after injury or surgery.



MedX Strong

JD Murphy has been using the MedX program and equipment at his physical therapy clinic for over 25 years. His was one of the first clinics west of the Mississippi to use the MedX medical strengthening machines in a clinical setting, and he has the most extensive selection of machines in the Rocky Mountain region.

Clearmind Posture Meditation Cushion

The Clearmind Posture Cushion has a unique design making it the perfect cushion for meditation. A base of firm upholstery foam provides stability and shape (for good posture) while a top layer of memory foam provides unparalleled comfort while sitting. The Clearmind Posture Cushion is perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike but is also suitable for anyone who wants to improve their posture. 

Available at http://clearmindcushion.com

Tuck Sleep Foundation

The team at Tuck Sleep Foundation has created an informative guide to help combat the negative impact of back pain on sleep health.

Their guide features illustrative information on the types of back pain, causes of back pain, expertly curated resources and research available online, information on sleep surface construction that can help alleviate pain.

Check out the guide here: https://www.tuck.com/best-mattress-back-pain


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